Lakshmi Infratech India Private Limited was founded as a civil construction and Real Estate Development Company in 2007 from the same year, to capture the opportunity offered by the growing Real Estate markets in India, is today among the fastest growing Real Estate Development companies.

Lakshmi Narayana Gummadi, a first generation entrepreneur, a Chartered Accountant by qualification and a visionary is the crux behind the triumph run of the company in the industry. Mr. Lakshmi Narayana Gummadi, as the Chairman & Managing Director of Lakshmi Infratech has been at the forefront, a man with a mission of building quality Residential & Commercial projects, his motto “Turning Dreams Into Realty “and with his eternal aptitude in the field of construction industry he directed the company towards the juncture where some of the leading infrastructure companies compete to clutch the tribute of being a frontrunner.


To carry on the business of Real estate development including Development of land Integrated Townships, Community Recreations Landscapes with total dedication, commitment, and focused purpose while maintaining the highest standards of excellence, Value, service, Innovation and quality. We are committed to achieving excellence in Real Estate Development, for the benefit of the nation and our beloved countrymen.


Vision of the company is to develop into Multi-Dimensional Organization excelling in the fields of Real estate Development and Project Engineering. To be a Model Corporate participant in the development of the construction industry. To build, maintain and perpetuate a loyal and continuing relationship with every customer through total commitment to quality, transparent dealings and timely completion. Our greater goal is that our designed structures will always encompass places appealing to the mind and to the heart – where families can be nurtured, relationships strengthened, and ultimately community will be built.


The company believes in Team effort, extraction of individual’s skilled temperament, Quality execution of work, Innovative Ideas to achieve its featured goals and destinations. The management of the company shall carry its core activities through a planned network and by infiltrating feasible working environment, assignment of responsibilities, sharing of company goals etc.,

Decision Makers and Directors of the Company


He is Chairman and Managing director of the company and is a qualified Chartered Accountant by profession.Through his tenure in profession, he has been equipped with various managerial skills, operational level expertise, financial management, human resources management and else.

He entered the field of constructions in view that there is a much scope for growth and lead. He explored many opportunities to prove his presence in the industry and turned those opportunities to fuel the voyage in the race of gigantic companies.



Workforce of the company will have a credit in building the company’s identity in the industry and in the usual manner; the company possesses skilled personnel by way of technical, administrative and marketing. The staff in the company are well experienced and well devoted to the work which is to be executed. The staff is well trained to handle various contingent circumstances in the business and this has resulted in stream lining the work flow of the projects without any constrictions.

There is a hierarchy in the company which forms stratum of designations and facilitates the identification of responsibilities, assignment of job and execution reviews very trouble-free subject. The hierarchy consists of three levels: senior level, middle level and lower level.

Senior level hierarchy holds Engineers, executives, professionals and marketing personnel and these people handles the jobs/works independently by assigning the works to middle level staff. This hierarchy plays a vital role in accomplishing the objects of the company in a very smooth manner.

The next level hierarchy is middle level in which there are junior civil engineers, marketing executives and administrative personnel.